Wedding Makeup Trends

The wedding day is probably the most precious day in the life of a bride. Taking Cinderella and Snow White as their role models, it’s no surprise that expectations of the brides are always at its peak. Therefore, brides seeks look to feel incredibly well and this is what a bride deserves on her special day. Wedding is an important time in a bride’s life where a makeup artist can enter with the wand and help her to give a touch of sparkle and elegance on her wedding day.

The hair and makeup of the bride should be simple yet elegant. It is important to remember that the hair and makeup should not compete with the dress of the bride. In contrast, both the hairstyle and makeup should complement the dress.

Understanding the expectations of the bride is as important as the dress and makeup. The makeup artist should know that the bride wants to feel comfortable and not trapped by her hair and makeup.

Being comfortable also means having a simple makeup and not too vibrant. It is not appropriate to experiment with a new style on that day. The bride does not want to feel self-conscious or shy to have a new look. Instead, she wants her beauty to be noticed on that day and also to be admired in photos for a lifetime.

The hair and makeup trend for brides today is usually soft and subtle. The effect is more sensual and less rigid. Her hair can be done up with loose waves and curls. The up-do that was most used by all brides before now has a much quieter look. The current up-dos have both spray and buckles to hide those unruly hairs. The best look is to tie hair up but little disheveled that looks smooth and stylish. The hairstyle of the bride should look romantic.

Trends in makeup for brides also point to a softer and romantic style to complement the hair and latest trends in bridal gowns and hairstyles. The lips need not be strongly delineated. It is not necessary to apply matte foundation powder. The traditional makeup for brides today is more radiant and natural but the modern brides want to glow with elegance.

There are some rules about hair and makeup for brides and makeup artists can be followed with some tips to ensure that the wedding day is a wonderful success.

Rules for Makeup and Hair

1. Please have a catalog or picture selection available for brides to see makeup ideas for brides. Often brides find it hard to put into words what they are looking for. Photographs can help in communication.

2. Offer a query. This should be done before several weeks in advance. During the consultation, take into account the time of day the wedding, the venue, the flowers, the color and style of dress, hair color, hair style of the bride, the color performed on eyes, the time of year and the bride’s personality. If possible, contact the stylist to discuss the hair style.

3. It is also advisable to ask the bride to show some of the makeup products she currently uses. This can give a good idea of ​​what the bride usually use.

4. Discuss the various trends in hair and makeup for brides. It allows the bride to see the photos to have a better idea. Then meet again with the bride.

5. Reveal plans for makeup. Show choices to the bride. Try more than one bridal makeup style and photograph the results.

Examples of color schemes for brides:

Select a simple color scheme for a bridal makeup. The eyes, cheeks and lips makeup must be within the same color family; hot or cold. If the bride wears white and has dark hair, use colors in the family of roses / pink. Keep it simple. Use mauve / pink shadow, pink blush and pink lipstick.

Select a different scheme that complements the choice of flowers. If the bride carried a bouquet of peach flowers, try to use a copper or bronze shadow. It uses a combination of pink and peach on the cheeks and a lipstick in peach tone.

Eye makeup for the bride should be smooth. Use brown or almond eyeliner on eyes. The line should be subtle and should be well applied. Then use mascara waterproof; remember that brides often cry and can be stained.

When choosing the base for makeup bride, think about the duration and photographic effects. Makeup should last even under the lights of the photographers, without being too heavy. In today’s market you will find various bases with a perfect finish for photographs. Try using a powder bronzer to give a bit of warmth and softness to the entire make-up.

Another trend in formal wedding is strong yet sensual makeup for brides. A bride in a formal wedding can use a matte foundation makeup with black eyeliner applied in a subtle way with pink rouge and lipstick matte red. The eyeliner should go well with the red lipstick and the one that prevents staining. This is somewhat dramatic style for an evening wedding and perfect for such a formal event.

Today’s brides want to show their natural beauty in a sensual way. The makeup artist can provide the confidence and elegance in bride to make this day memorable forever for her.